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Constructing and Trading since 2007


axiscon is founded by engineers, based in Thessaloniki, targeting in construction projects in Greece

Healthcare Sector

Focusing to Medical constructions, using highest technology and most reliable material suppliers, we grow quite fast

Expanding our map

Our high quality services quickly became well known in many countries near Greece, expanding our demanding customers list

Keep on Improving

We keep on impoving our services, as well as our reliability for assuring past and future customers



axiscon was founded in Thessaloniki in 2007, by three experienced site engineers (electrical, civil & mechanical). They joined their forces, knowledge and experience in order to create a firm that covers a wide range of projects and services. Our primary objective was to undertake projects in the private sector and also to provide services as project managers. Having a continuing and strong presence in the project market and achieving specialization in healthcare projects, axiscon managed to gain a satisfying share of the market and quickly grow its activities abroad.

Today, at axiscon’s management, Polymeris Spiridakis-electrical engineer retain and evolve the primary principals and the effectiveness of the firm in higher levels.

axiscon operates all over the region of Hellas (Greece) and also abroad, undertaking projects of Civil and Electrical-HVAC works, emphasizing in the Healthcare sector. Our permanent and continuing cooperation with important clients such as GE HEALTHCARE, EUROMEDICA, NOSILEFTIKI etc. is the best reference and recommendation for our future clients.


The first project in the healthcare sector is being undertaken in 2008. From that year forward, the firm undertook a great number of healthcare projects, specially constructing surgery rooms and shielded areas. Deals and signed agreements are made with European brands, distributing Hermetic doors, medical storage furniture, Faraday cage fro MRI.


The first project outside of Thessaloniki comes in 2008 and the following years also a lot of projects in the northern part of Hellas. At 2010 first contacts with potential clients abroad are made, that lead to the first project in Libya, starting just before the war. This project will eventually finish in 2013, after a lot of interruptions due to continued warfare engagements in the region. Along with Libya, contacts are made with clients from Egypt and Russia, where another three projects are signed (2012). Also exports, of construction materials & products used in healthcare projects, are made to Romania, Libya and Cyprus.


axiscon in constantly improving its know-how and expertise in the healthcare sector, and recently expanding in the IVF sector which is strongly emerges nowadays.

Also general purpose projects are undertaken referring to façade claddings, clean area furniture and implementing new construction materials in buildings’ reinforcement and restoration.

Human Workforce

axiscon‘s president and director are engineers, routing the actions for more accurate and effective solutions. Company represents a wide range of equipment and material firms, providing complete works on our projects. Our personel consist of engineers and technicians, who receive specialized trainng by suppliers in their home factories and during our applications, ensuring top specifications on implementations.


Next is an estimation of our personel involvement in the project categories.
We work strictly professional but our relations are as a family team!

Medical Equipment
Hospital Rooms

"We always think of making the best for our customers, as if creating a demonstration project for future use."

"Why trust axiscon? Because we offer to our customers high quality service and outcome at a reasonable cost together with a close, careful approach to the project's needs."

We Are a Construction & Trading company with long experience and spherical knowledge

Polymeris Spiridakis / C.E.O & Co-Founder

Dipl. Electrical Engineer A.U.TH


Alexia Seridou


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